All of the personnel at Advanced are professional yet friendly. Tara is most likeable and one of the few people in the business that is an MD. She tests hearing closely and repeats sounds if there is any doubt based on your replies. She also describes the findings and leads one through the whole process reducing any apprehension. Finally she selects the hearing aid best suited and describes any options and the trade-offs. I sensed no pushiness, only patience on her part. She has fitted me twice and both times my satisfaction has been great. She follows up very professionally and anticipates my needs. Currently fitted with the Oticon More-1 I hear sounds I haven’t heard in years. Hear yourself breath when its quiet, birds singings brightly in the morning, a door squeaking that I didn’t know needed oiling. I could go on and on but trying to be brief I’ll stop. Highly recommended! Call for an appointment now. You will not regret it.

Richard (Dick) W.