John S. of Greenville, SC

“About two months ago I finally admitted, unequivocally, that I needed hearing aids. I surveyed several friends who already wear hearing aids, and finally decided to make an appointment with Dr. Tara Bailey at Advanced Hearing Solutions in Greenville, SC. The audiology test with Dr. Bailey revealed that I really did need hearing aids. The new hearing aids arrived within three days, and Dr. Bailey patiently instructed me on how to insert them into the ear canals, how to change the batteries, etc. At follow-up appointments, we have tried several sizes of domes for the left ear and learned how to change settings with the use of an app on my iPhone. Results have been very dramatic: the distinct clarity of water flowing from the kitchen faucet or in the brook behind our house; the sounds of birds and tree frogs from our deck; the ease of listening to NPR on the car radio; and the clarity of conversation around a dinner table. I no longer have to strain to decipher the words used by family and friends. These hearing aids have been a marvelous gift.”

John S. Greenville, SC