Rubi J. of Landrum, SC

“My husband was depressed and feeling like his hearing loss defined him as old. It took some effort to get him into see someone. Dr Tara is that someone that made him feel excited about the possibility of hearing better and being a part of the conversation. He was in the office and called me from his phone which interfaced with his hearing aids. His voice was upbeat and happy. He began telling everyone how wonderful it was to hear. Our grandson calls them his bionic ears and wants his own so he can mute others when desired …LOL Dr Tara educated me as well on how important it is to correct hearing loss. I then shared this information with my stepdad who also now has hearing aids. Her impact and passion to improve lives is impactful. She took away the stigma which has improved my husbands self esteem. I am very grateful.”

Rubi J.